Introduction to Threading

Introduction to Eyebrow Threading


If you are curious about what eyebrow threading is all about, it is an ancient technique that uses cotton thread to shape your eyebrows. Other hair removal methods use harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. However, eyebrow threading is natural and helps shape your eyebrows without the effect of chemicals.

Eyebrow threading originally came from the Eastern countries. It is widely used in South Asia and the Middle East. Threading is now gaining popularity in the Western countries as well.

If you twist a double stranded cotton thread around the hairs on your skin, the hair strands that get woven in the strands get pulled out in the eyebrow threading process.

Eyebrow threading allows our aestheticians to provide precise control in shaping your eyebrows. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities use eyebrow threading for beautiful and precise eyebrow shapes.

You can also use threading to remove facial hair and have 100% smooth and hair-free skin.

According to our customers, eyebrow threading hurts a lot less than waxing. Some customers say that does not hurt at all. It usually takes 1-2 times to get used to eyebrow threading. Since we lift the hair out of the follicle, threading lasts much longer than waxing. For most people hair won’t regrow for another 3-4 weeks.

Especially if you are on acne medications or topical retinoids, threading is much safer than waxing. According to New York dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, waxing will take layers of skin that have been thinned by acne medicines. Threading on the other hand only takes out the hair.

If you have never tried eyebrow threading before, here is a quick video that shows how threading is done.